Re-siting and near-sighting

A few days ago I moved a copy of my blog to a new site: . This gives it a shorter name and lets me add a few more web features.  I will continue to update in both locations for a while as I decide which I like better.

My sister sent me a link to a site that has detailed instructions for making a magic potion that removes skunk odor.  After reading my last blog she feared that I might need it.  I have not tried it, and hope that I never do, but if you need it here is the link: (thank you Holly).  It sounds like it is easy to make, and he has an explanation of how the science works in his FAQ.

A couple of other bloggers have “sighted” other MINI Es while they were on the road. While I was out driving earlier today a fellow coming the other way in an SUV rolled down his window and said “hey, I have one of those, too!”  Turns out he lives near the top of the hill about a half mile from me.  He invited me to come by, and I will let you know when I do.  So, I haven’t seen another MINI E on the road, but at least I have had a near-sighting.

Well, I have seen one, really.  I took a friend of mine to the dealer to pick his up, and then we drove off the lot together, so I saw his.  He got to pick his up on his birthday!  And we think he was the first person to arrive in a MINI E to pick up a MINI E.  His is also solar powered.

Speaking of solar powered, I put a new frame around my license plate today to point out my earth-friendliness to everyone.  Here it is:

100% Solar

Some of you may have also noticed the cool “grill badge” on the left side of the plate.  That was given to me by Robert of TwistyBitz.  In addition to being a MINI Cooper fan, he also makes things for other MINI Cooper fans, like this grill badge and T-shirts and stuff.    He came by my house last weekend to have a look at the MINI E.  He has designed several more badges which can be seen at his blog.  His link is also on my list of MINI Cooper blogs over there —–>.

Robert also got me in touch with a group called Southern California MINI Maniacs (SCMM).  This is a group of MINI owners that get together to revel in all things MINI.  Once a month or so they gather for breakfast a few miles from here, so I plan on going out to see if they are all as crazy nice as Robert is.

I realize that some of you live in places far removed from the Left Coast (and you are happy about that).  You can also find groups of MINI owners near you.  As a matter of fact MOOT (MINI Owners Of Texas) have a Wiki set up that lists many of these clubs in various places.

As pioneers MINI E owners may not be the kind of people that join groups, and some of us are probably more EV oriented than MINI oriented.  Maybe if we had a group with a catchy name (or at least a catchy acronym) people would want to be associated with it.  I leave you with a few of my ideas, and encourage you to send me yours:

MEEP (MINI E Electric car People)

PAVE (People Against Vehicle Emissions)

EVDO (Electric Vehicle Drivers Organization)

DOME (Drivers Of MINI Es)


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  1. David, new Blog link is not working, as of 6/28 7am.

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