Close Encounter

I was planning to capture a few pictures of the MINI E in the beautiful evening light that occurs right around sunset.   As I uncovered the car I could see that it was positively glowing.  I unlocked the door, and as I prepared to open it, I saw this:

Close Encounter

I know the picture is not great.  I was more focused on not startling my new friend.

After I got back inside the house, I noticed that he was not alone…

Hmmm, no exhaust pipes.  Wonder what that means?

Hmmm, no exhaust pipes. Wonder what that means?

It turns out that he was part of a family – four little ones and an adult. They wandered all around 019, obviously enamored with the design and the minimal environmental impact.

From their vantage point the car is all tires and undercarriage. I am sure they noticed that there was no exhaust system (being experts on noxious emissions).  Even though they cannot see the solar charging system I am certain that their sensitive noses could tell that this car is really sweet smelling.  I am glad they left it that way.

I think these skunks might have French ancestors as they appear to like escargot.  We are amateur escargot ranchers here, and I am hoping that these fine examples of Mephitis mephitis will soon wipe out this season’s herd, and then move on.


5 Responses to “Close Encounter”

  1. We have a number of striped cousins who make the nightly rounds here just west of the Arroyo – best to keep a respectful distance as you say. Enjoy reading your posts. Please change my blog link (053) to simply as I am in the process of migrating to a platform that might actually get some visibility (as opposed to the iWeb site) Happy motoring and hope to meet one of these days. Mark – MINI E 053

  2. Enjoyed the post. Made me smile. Looking forward to more adventures of 019.

  3. That’s cute… hey where’s a pic of that new grille badge I heard you have… wink, wink, wink…. 😉

  4. Very cute! Perhaps they’re disguised spies from GM or Chrysler.


  5. Steve Schibuola Says:

    Yes, nature seems to love our e-beasties! As I was taking one of my daughters on an inaugural test ride, we passed along a stretch of road I’ve used every commuting day for the past 5 years. It is built 2/3’s of the way up a canyon and is open space on both sides, where hawks wheel through thermals on either side of the road. In 5 years I’ve never seen one cross over the road itself while a car was there – on this test drive, one hawk practically buzzed us directly overhead. Magnificent. Guess they haven’t learned to fear the little whining noise yet.

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