Me, Mini Cooper E 019, Solar Panels, etc.

Mini Cooper E 019, originally uploaded by PeterDuke.

My friend Peter Duke risked his life climbing up on my roof to take this shot of me and the MINI E with the solar panels in the foreground. The Kyocera panels on the left foreground are part of the new ones that were just added when the MINI E came to town. The right foreground shows a little corner of the solar water panels that heat my pool. Basically all of our roof that can have panels on it does have panels (shade and fire regulations limit it some).

Peter is a professional photographer, which is why this photo and the others that follow it look so good.

Also in this photo are a Smart Car (my wife’s car now) and our MINI Cooper Clubman S. You can also see the top of our GEM NEV out on the street.


2 Responses to “Me, Mini Cooper E 019, Solar Panels, etc.”

  1. Very Kool stuff.

  2. I had wondered if any other Mini E drivers also had a Smart! I’ve owned (and driven daily) our yellow/black for a little over a year and now my daughter will drive it. I much prefer driving the Mini E.

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