List of MINI E blogs

A list of other mini e bloggers that will keep you from going through pages of GoogleBlogSearch looking for real MINI E owners.

Please let me know as you learn of others, and I will add them! (111) (140) (017) (085, also solar) (304) (277) (269) (183) (486) (030) (230) (418) (053) (014) (148)


5 Responses to “List of MINI E blogs”

  1. Greetings – my blog: is now updated to include my car # 053 which arrived on Friday afternoon I’m happy to report. For some reason my blog seems to be invisible to all search engines – maybe because I built the site using iWeb (at least that’s my suspicion) I sense that I will have to rebuild the site using an established template one day soon. Thanks for keeping this comprehensive list of the MINI E Pioneers. Cheers! MW

  2. Ahhem, these links are fodder for your “Blog Roll” (a silly name I know), on the right side of your home page…

    • nobullsavage Says:


      I knew I should have hired an expert! I took your advice, with a little twist – I named the blogs after their side scuttle numbers and gave them their own category.



  3. maturinnyc Says:

    hello, fellow pioneer – looks like you and I share alot in common (wordpress, MINI e, solar panels…living in the southern portions of our coastal states;-). I just picked up #217 yesterday, and have some posts up at

    love the list of fellow pioneers, organized by scuttle #. I’ll do the same at my place.
    And if you ever get out to the east coast, feel free to stop by for a charge!

    Gordon Miller

  4. Enjoy your posts – when you get a chance please change my URL for 053 to – thanks and happy motoring – Mark W

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