019 has a fit of self expression

When I uncovered my MINI E earlier today I discovered that the License Plate Elves had been busy at my house.  Here is what I found:


BLIKSEM is the Dutch word for “lightning” so it seems very appropriate for a car that is powered by electricity.

Now, some of you may wonder how I got the plate so fast (as I have only had 019 for 13 days 20 hours and 27 minutes).  You believe the myth that license plates are made by convicts in prisons and then they are distributed by the State whenever they get around to it.  In my state (California) this is not the case.  We would never let convicts near metal-working machinery as they might hurt themselves (or others).  And as our state is nearly out of money all state employees are too busy filling out various and sundry applications (employment, unemployment, retirement, immigration, emigration, etc.) to be able to do anything else (such as responding to applications for employment, unemployment, retirement, immigration, emigration, etc.).  Not to say that our state government is at a standstill, if it was, that would be an improvement.

License plates really come from License Plate Elves.  I know this, because I have met one.  Her name is Megan, and she pushed some buttons and some pictures danced around on a lighted piece of glass and she made our license plates magically fly off of one car and onto another.  She can usually be found in a glass box at Bob Smith BMW/Mini in Calabasas.  I think she only performs this magic occasionally, and only for people that leave gold coins on her desk and ask politely.

The other symbols on the back of the car are from CooperFlags.com (as is the magnetic holder they are attached to).  I think they are appropriate for an electric car.  I especially like the warning printed around the electric socket picture (on the right) it says “WARNING: Do not attempt to plug any electrical device into this image of an electrical outlet.  Doing so may cause serious injury, which may effect ones ability to drive.  Cooperflags is not liable for any injury that may occur.”


5 Responses to “019 has a fit of self expression”

  1. Very nice – and clever. This is my favorite MINI E blog by far. Thanks for sharing!

    MINI PIG #017

  2. Well done. Bravo.

    I’ve order my license plate through the corrections department and it should be here just before I have to give my car back. My new license plate will say: MINI 111


  3. I just recently came back from Holland and a visit to see my daughter there, 4 weeks. During my stay I experienced one of the worst electrical storms I ever have.

    Kool plate for sure. Makes me wonder if I should offer any MINI E stuff at my store TwistyBitz?

  4. How did you register your personal plates to your mini e before you received the random plates form the dmv? My personal plate (1 MINI E) is waiting to be picked up, but the card says to bring in the old random plates in order to exchange them.



    • nobullsavage Says:


      I had the plates already as they were from another car (my Corvette, called BLIKSEM for another reason). The finance person at my dealership (BOB SMITH) has a DMV login and she did the transfer online. I did have to wait for the validation stickers from the DMV. In the past I have used AAA to do things like this, this is the first time a dealer ever offered.

      AAA (at least in Santa Monica) will go to the DMV and get your plates for you. You might try asking them if they can do the transfer without getting the first set from the DMV. I think the real secret here is getting someone that has that on-line DMV access to do the transfer.

      Good Luck!

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